Thursday, March 26, 2009

The only way is up........

In fact the Palipane Hill Climb Challenge is only 5km. But it's a tough 5 K. Veteran, Yee Wah Sing challenged holder of the Palipane Trophy, Mesake Yalidole, but both were piped to the top by record holder Timothy Fong Jnr. Tim didn't manage to beat his record(10:25???) but 13:00.9 is a respectable time. Holder of the trophy, Mesake Yalidole had the misfortune of leaving his cycling shoes in a taxi and had to race with MTB pedals and training shoes.
A special mention must go to 15 year old Chris Cakobau. Chris was not looking forward to cycling up the hill but courage won out and he clocked an amazing time for a first attempt of 24:23. Chris now has a benchmark to beat and we expect great things from this young man.

Timothy Fong Jnr (and Junior Jnr) receive the Palipane Trohpy

Chris Cakobau cheered on by challenger Yee Wah Sing, in his herculean effort to "Kill the Hill"

Here are the times:
Timothy Fong Jnr 13:00.9
Mesake Yalidole
Jope Tikotani
Yee Wah Sing
Nau Dakuliga
Chris Cakobau

Friday, March 20, 2009

World Champ kit for winner

World Champion MTBer and Cyclocrosser, Thomas Frischknecht in the SwissPower gear

There is a unique prize for the winner of the Palipane Trophy. A brand new Swiss Power World Champion team cycling jersey and bib shorts made by swiss cycling apparel manufacturer Cuore worth over FJ$300 ... actually you cannot buy this gear as it is only issued to the SwissPower team. This uniform has Cycling World Champion stripes and is only those that have been world champion are allowed to wear these in competition. This is a one off donated by John Philp who is a friend of World Champion MTB racer Thomas Frischknecht .

John told me his friend " who is a keen mountain biker" (a huge understatement) gave him the SwissPower jersey and bibshorts... This is a MAJOR prize and I think I'll be taking part.... just in case everyone else has punctures or runs out of puff... fine chance... but you never know. I also have to lose about 80kg to fit in them.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's a record

Our spiritual master Yee wah Sing commented a year or so ago that our Saturday morning ride is probably the longest running regular sporting event in the country. I know we have been doing it , unbroken, every Saturday for over 5 years... some time there was only one cyclist... but it went ahead. Saturday we had twent cyc lists take part and I think this is the most we've ever had...
You'll count 19 in the pic and one behind the camera.