Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just found out why we didn't see our lovely club secretary at this mornings race... I got a txt saying "morning.... I wont b able 2 make da race .."

Here's why... Thanks Rajan

Varsha, Patricia and Yvette (CAUGHT!) at Traps the night before the race.

Congratulations Mesake!

Mesake wins the Palipane Hill Climb Challenge in 13 minutes 3 seconds

Back l-r: John, Mesake (winner), Shane, Jutta, Vukiboy, Wah, Junior, Jope, Eroni
Front: Yun, Jess, Sandra

The Palipane Challenge
Long shot Mesake Yalidole set a blistering pace to take out the inaugural Palipane Cycling Challenge Trophy on Sunday morning. The race has a tough, four kilometer uphill climb from Sawani to Colo i Suva and Yalidole was over a minute ahed of the runner up Timothy Fong Jnr.
"I cycle to work from Suvavou to Tamavua every day and this has really helped my training. said Yalidole. I knew some Fiji's top cyclists were taking part and I didn't think I had a chance." Yalidole doesn not own a racing bike and used a Velocity Club bike with was donated by former member Bryce Irving. Thanks Bryce!
The Palipane Challenge Trophy was donated by the Palipane family who leave Fiji next month. Shane Palipane is a passionate cyclist and competes in all local events. "I am honoured to give my Family name to this Challenge. I hope it will encourage Fiji cyclists to train harder and be dedicated to the sport."
1. Mesake Yalidole, 13 minutes 03.48 seconds.
2. Timothy Fong Jnr, 14.14.28.
3. Shane Palipane, 14.26.57.
4. Yee Wah Sing, 14.48.09.
5. Jope Tikotani, 16.15.38.
6. Kaliova Vuki, 16.34.08.
7. Yun Yin Yee 25.04.76

Friday, November 28, 2008

Velocity Summer Race Series Part 1


Palipane Hill Climb 
Colo i Suva
Men, Women and Junior (u18) Categories
Sunday 30 November 
Registration at the finish line 7 - 7.15am

Esquires Criterium 
Vuya Road 
Sunday 7 December
Registration 7 - 7.15am

Race 1 Mens Sprint 1 lap
Race 2 Womens Sprint 1 lap
Race 3 Juniors (u18) 2 laps
Race 4 Beginners (open) 2 laps
Race 5 Womens race 3 laps
Race 6 Mens race  10 laps

Junior and beginners races are open to anyone and any type of bike so bring the family along.
Your bike will be checked for road worthiness before the race

Wai Tui 45 km Road Race 
Lami to Pacific Harbour
Men, Women and Junior (u18) Categories
Sunday 14 December
Registration 6-6.15am
Start PEMO just past the Tradewinds Hotel
Finish Viti Levu Drive Pacific harbour

We need support vehicles for this race so If you have a vehicle and would like to help please contact me.

Esquires Criterium 
Vuya Road 
Sunday 21 December
Registration 7 - 7.15am
Race 1 Mens Sprint 1 lap
Race 2 Womens Sprint 1 lap
Race 3 Juniors (u18) 2 laps
Race 4 Beginners (open) 2 laps
Race 5 Womens race 3 laps
Race 6 Mens race  10 laps

Junior and beginners races are open to anyone and any type of bike so bring the family along.
Bikes will be checked for road worthiness before the race so take your bike to Wai Tui Cycles for a service. John will give you 10% on labour and parts if you're taking part in the this race series.

We need as much help from as possible. If you'd like to be a part of some very exciting racing and can spare a couple hours on a Sunday morning please give me a call on 99 22 123 or email.

Points for the  races will be awarded as follows:
1st  5 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 3 points
4th 2 points
5th 1 point
Finishing: 2 points.
Each point is worth $1.00 and will be redeemable in gift vouchers from Wai Tui Cycles at the end of the series subject to participation in all for races (both sprint and race in the Criterium)
There will be special awards at the end of the series for women, juniors (under 18), masters (over 35) and Clydesdales (over 100 kg).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

White is the new black.

White shoes, white saddles... even white bicycle chains.

White shoes and a steel bike.. very now!

Wear the right stuff.
Pics: Judy Compain

Fashionista, Rajan, graced the Saturday morning coffee ride and declared "Loved it".  So I thought it fitting to look at the street cred of our Coffee ride group. 

Oakley is a favourite with cyclists. In fact they made their name producing cycle specific sunnies and cycling jerseys (I have 3 or 4 jerseys and half a dozen shades with Os on them). The trend really caught on when Bono (U2) introduced the rest of the world cycling glasses with yellow or orange lenses.... we cyclists had been wearing multi-coloured eye protection for years. 

Rajan and Shirl (top) sport the ultimate cycling fashion iconic names, Oakley and Pearl Izumi, maker of some of the most expensive lycra gear around.

White is the new black in cycling circles and white shoes the "in thing" for cyclists and Sandra and Chris (top) have obviously been keeping up with the trends. Chris looks totally hipster (a cycling hipster is not to be confused with the 40s Hipster sub-culture) with his loose T, baggy shorts and retro steel bike.

White bikes, white bar tape and white saddles have been the discussion in many a bike blog and forum.

White chain????

Some take the white thing WAY too far! How about a white bike with white saddle, white handlebar grips and white (who in their right mind would put this on a bike) chain.

Heres a vid of some more cycling chic. Fixed gear bikes (no gears, no brakes, no freewheel) in London.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oceania Cycling pledges support for Cycling Fiji...

Above: Oceania Cycling Confederation Executive

At the four yearly Oceania Cycling Confederation (OCC) Congress in Adelade (16 Nov 08) OCC President and UCI VP, Ray Godkin, pledged support for the newly formed Cycling Fiji. Elected to a newly formed post of OCC VP Development is Cycling Australia President, Mike Victor.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh what a lov'ly mornin'...

Great day for a ride. The Saturday coffee ride is a gentle cycle at 7am from Esquires coffee house in Loftus Street (Dolphins), along the Suva seawall. We stop for a drink and a chat opposite the Pony Club and then it's back to the coffee shop for... you guessed it.... coffee... and a muffin or two... or a hot bacon role (yum!). I didn't know it but on this ride I passed the 3000km (cycled since 01 Jan 08) mark. Had I known I would have celebrated with a bacon roll... or three! :D

Monday, November 3, 2008


One of our regular cyclists is running in the New York Marathon. And because of the amazing technology I am tracking her right now... while I'm sitting at the local coffee shop knocking back an espresso or three. There's a pic of her here (Middle pic, facing the camera it a red top).

At 7.50am Fiji time she finished with a time of 4:27:08.... not bad time for her first marathon. Congratulations Ms L we're all VERY proud of you. The world record is held by Paula Radcliffe with a time of 2:15:25. Paula was running in this years New York Marathon and won with a time of 2:23:55.