Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jope does the Triple

Jope played it cool and drafted Mesake the entire race and out sprinted him to the finish.

Jope Tikotani was favourite to win the Esquires Criterium II cycle races on Sunday and he did not disappoint. Tikotani had three wins. He was first in the 1km sprint and the 10k race. This gave him enough points to win the Wai Tui Cycles points as well. "Me and Mesake (Yalidole) both had the same amount of points coming into the last two races. I knew I had to win both to top the Wai Tui Cycles points." said Tikotani. " I decided to play it smart in the 10 kilometre race and stuck behind Mesake all the way. Then I gave it everything in the last lap"

There were two other races in the Esquires Criteriums. The Juniors race was won by Christopher Cakobau and the winner of the Womens race was Jessie Sansom.

These were the final races in the 1 Degree cycle race Series. "It's been a big success and we had overwhelming support from our sponsors" said Cycling Fiji President, Dom Sansom "Everyone trainned and raced had and for the first time we had children's races. Kids as young as seven were taking part and this is very encouraging for the future of the sport." said Sansom " We will have another series early in the new year.

Results Esquires Criterium II. Mens Sprint: 1. Jope Tikotani. 2. Mesake Yalidole, 3. Rusiate Matai. Womens Sprint: 1. Jessie Sansom 2. Jutta May. Juniorsz: 1. Christopher Cakobau, 2. Susan McGoon, 3. Jessie McGgoon. Mens 10km: 1. Jope Tikotani, 2. Rusiate Matai, 3.Mesake Yalidole.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Film Stars

Vinaka vakalevu to Stan for this short doco of our Taunovo Bay 50km cycle race. Fast edits, cool graphics and top class music... you should do this for a living Stan!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Esquires Crits II at 1 Degree Race Series

P R E S S - R E L E A S E

Under 18s line up for the start of the juniors race a the Esquires Criterium I. Esquires Criteriun II will feature six races and is on from 7am this Sunday at Vuya Road, Veiuto, Suva.

Vuya Road, Veiuto will see the final races in the 1 Degree Cycle race series this Sunday. The Esquires Coffee Houses Criterium II will see six races at one event. One men's and two women's races as well as junior and beginners and an open race. At the end of this series we will add up the points in the Wai Tui Cycles League and competitors will be able to redeem their points for goods at Wai Tui Cycles.

"The Wai Tui Cycles League was the idea of Cycling Fiji Vice President, Yee Wah Sing" said Cycling Fiji President, Dom Sansom "Points are awarded at each race, and you even get points just for finishing. You can use your points for buying parts and accessories, or even a bike, at Wai Tui Cycles. Each point is worth $1 so if you win 50 points you can make purchases at Wai Tui Cycles worth $50"

If you have never been in a bike race and would like to try this is your chance. The Esquires Criterium II races will have a beginners for all ages and genders and juniors races for under 18 years. "It not really competitive" said Mr Sansom " It's more like 'just have a go'. You just need a bike in good working order and if you don't have a helmet we'll lend you one. All you need to do is turn up, entry is free. Contact Dom Sansom on 99 22 123 or dom

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Suvavou Cyclist wins big

P r e s s - R e l e a se

Cyclist Rusiate Matai, from Suvavou, crosses the finish at Taunovo Bay Resort in one hour and twenty three minutes.

The third race in the 1 Degree Cycle Race Series was a 50 kilometer road race from Suva to Taunovo Bay Resort.

Fighting against experienced cyclists Rusiate Matai beat Jope Tikotani in a sprint to win by just 20 seconds. "The guys made a small mistake and I though that this was my chance. My legs were still fresh and I sprinted for the line" Said a shy Matai.

Taunovo Bay Resort Operations Manager, Russell Thornley, presented Matai with the Taunovo Bay Resort Trophy at the awards ceremony on the beach during brunch. "Everyone here is impressed with these young lads" he said "We couldn't believe that they raced all the way from Suva in one hour and twenty minutes. That's about the same time that it takes on the bus".

A convoy of vehicles supported the cyclists durning the race. Cycling Fiji President and Race director, Dom Sansom was very pleased with the support. "There were almost as many support vehicles as cyclists" he said "I'd like to thank everyone who got up early on a Sunday and helped with the race. In particular Taunovo Bay resort. It is a spectacular place to finish a cycling race and we were given an amazing brunch and full use of the resort facilities.

Results: Rusiate Matai 1.24.03, Jope Tikotani 1.24.25, Mesake Yalidole 1.27.01, Tomthy Fong 1.27.01, Bob Gillett 2.01.42

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cyclists gear up for Taunovo Bay Trophy.


12 December 2008

Fiji Cyclists will do battle for the Taunovo Bay Resort Trophy this Sunday as part of the 1 Degree Cycle Race Series. Favourites for podium places are Jope Tikotani, Mesake Yalidole and Timothy Fong. "It's anyone's race" said Cycling Fiji President Dom Sansom. "Newcomer, Mesake Yalidole has made a fantastic start to the season, but the experienced cyclists are hot on his wheel and have been training hard. Fifty kilometres is no a very long distance for cyclists and I wouldn't like to try and pick a winner." "The top three placed riders will earn points in the Wai Tui Cycles Points table. These points will redeemable for goods at Wai Tui Cycles at the end of the series." he added

The race starts in Lami and ends at the Taunovo Bay Resort. The resort will have brunch for cyclists and officials and the winner will be presented with the Taunovo Bay Resort Trophy, made specially for the race. "We are very excited about the event and we believe this is the first time a Fiji Resort has been chosen as the finish of a cycle race." Said Taunovo bay Operations Manager. Russell Thornley. Our staff will be there to welcome the competitors and we're doing a slap-up brunch as we've hear cyclists can be pretty hungry after a long ride. We are setting up marquees and refreshments at the finish line and will provide the Taunovo Bay Resort bus to take the cyclists home after the awards ceremony.

Cyclist will leave Lami shortly after 6am on Sunday and the lead riders are expected to complete the 50 kilometres in under 90 minutes. Cycling Fiji thanks motorists for being aware of the cyclists and give the plenty of room. For more information on the race contact Dom Sansom of Cycling Fiji on 99 22 113 or

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Taunovo Bay Cycle Race

P R E S S        R E L E A S E

01 December 2008

Taunovo Bay Resort will play host to cyclists and officials at the finish of the Suva to Pacific Harbour cycle race on Sunday 14 December. Announcing their sponsorship of the race Taunovo Bay Resort General Manager, Russell Thornly said that they are happy to be associated with Cycling Fiji. "Cycling is all positive. It keeps you fit and healthy and best of all it's fun. When we heard Cycling Fiji were looking for a venue to finish their race we contacted them straight away." he added. "We are very please to be a part of Cycling in Fiji and hope this will become an annual event. Taunovo Bay Resort have commissioned a local artisan to create a trophy specially for the event.

President of Cycling Fiji and Race Director, Dom Sansom, welcomed Taunovo Bay Resorts involvement. "We are probably the smallest cycling federation in the world and to have the backing of a World Class resort such as Taunovo bay is a real boost to the sport in Fiji. We hope this will be a permanent arrangement."

The Taunovo Bay Cycling Cup race will start in Suva and cyclists will race, non-stop, to the finish where they will be treated to bruch provided by the resort.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Esquires Crits at 1 Degree Race Series

Linoel Evans and Bryce Irving at the Crits

The next race on the 1 Degree race series should be the most exciting event for both cyclists and spectators. A Criterium (Crit) is a short fast circuit race. So, come and watch the thrills and Spills of the....
Esquires Criterium
Sunday 7 December, Vuya Road, Veiuto

Race 1 Men’s Sprint - 1 circuit
Race 2 Women’s Sprint - 1 circuit
Race 3 Juniors’ (u18) Open - 2 circuits
Race 4 Beginners’ Open - 2 circuits
Race 5 Women’s - 3 circuits
Race 6 Open 10 - circuits
FREE Registration: 7-7.15am. Spectators welcome.

Cyclists earn points in the Wai Tui Cycles points awards. Points (1pt = $1) are redeemable for parts and accessories the end of the series
Competitors and officials names all go into a draw to win a fab mobile phone from Vodafone.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I just found out why we didn't see our lovely club secretary at this mornings race... I got a txt saying "morning.... I wont b able 2 make da race .."

Here's why... Thanks Rajan

Varsha, Patricia and Yvette (CAUGHT!) at Traps the night before the race.

Congratulations Mesake!

Mesake wins the Palipane Hill Climb Challenge in 13 minutes 3 seconds

Back l-r: John, Mesake (winner), Shane, Jutta, Vukiboy, Wah, Junior, Jope, Eroni
Front: Yun, Jess, Sandra

The Palipane Challenge
Long shot Mesake Yalidole set a blistering pace to take out the inaugural Palipane Cycling Challenge Trophy on Sunday morning. The race has a tough, four kilometer uphill climb from Sawani to Colo i Suva and Yalidole was over a minute ahed of the runner up Timothy Fong Jnr.
"I cycle to work from Suvavou to Tamavua every day and this has really helped my training. said Yalidole. I knew some Fiji's top cyclists were taking part and I didn't think I had a chance." Yalidole doesn not own a racing bike and used a Velocity Club bike with was donated by former member Bryce Irving. Thanks Bryce!
The Palipane Challenge Trophy was donated by the Palipane family who leave Fiji next month. Shane Palipane is a passionate cyclist and competes in all local events. "I am honoured to give my Family name to this Challenge. I hope it will encourage Fiji cyclists to train harder and be dedicated to the sport."
1. Mesake Yalidole, 13 minutes 03.48 seconds.
2. Timothy Fong Jnr, 14.14.28.
3. Shane Palipane, 14.26.57.
4. Yee Wah Sing, 14.48.09.
5. Jope Tikotani, 16.15.38.
6. Kaliova Vuki, 16.34.08.
7. Yun Yin Yee 25.04.76

Friday, November 28, 2008

Velocity Summer Race Series Part 1


Palipane Hill Climb 
Colo i Suva
Men, Women and Junior (u18) Categories
Sunday 30 November 
Registration at the finish line 7 - 7.15am

Esquires Criterium 
Vuya Road 
Sunday 7 December
Registration 7 - 7.15am

Race 1 Mens Sprint 1 lap
Race 2 Womens Sprint 1 lap
Race 3 Juniors (u18) 2 laps
Race 4 Beginners (open) 2 laps
Race 5 Womens race 3 laps
Race 6 Mens race  10 laps

Junior and beginners races are open to anyone and any type of bike so bring the family along.
Your bike will be checked for road worthiness before the race

Wai Tui 45 km Road Race 
Lami to Pacific Harbour
Men, Women and Junior (u18) Categories
Sunday 14 December
Registration 6-6.15am
Start PEMO just past the Tradewinds Hotel
Finish Viti Levu Drive Pacific harbour

We need support vehicles for this race so If you have a vehicle and would like to help please contact me.

Esquires Criterium 
Vuya Road 
Sunday 21 December
Registration 7 - 7.15am
Race 1 Mens Sprint 1 lap
Race 2 Womens Sprint 1 lap
Race 3 Juniors (u18) 2 laps
Race 4 Beginners (open) 2 laps
Race 5 Womens race 3 laps
Race 6 Mens race  10 laps

Junior and beginners races are open to anyone and any type of bike so bring the family along.
Bikes will be checked for road worthiness before the race so take your bike to Wai Tui Cycles for a service. John will give you 10% on labour and parts if you're taking part in the this race series.

We need as much help from as possible. If you'd like to be a part of some very exciting racing and can spare a couple hours on a Sunday morning please give me a call on 99 22 123 or email.

Points for the  races will be awarded as follows:
1st  5 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 3 points
4th 2 points
5th 1 point
Finishing: 2 points.
Each point is worth $1.00 and will be redeemable in gift vouchers from Wai Tui Cycles at the end of the series subject to participation in all for races (both sprint and race in the Criterium)
There will be special awards at the end of the series for women, juniors (under 18), masters (over 35) and Clydesdales (over 100 kg).

Sunday, November 23, 2008

White is the new black.

White shoes, white saddles... even white bicycle chains.

White shoes and a steel bike.. very now!

Wear the right stuff.
Pics: Judy Compain

Fashionista, Rajan, graced the Saturday morning coffee ride and declared "Loved it".  So I thought it fitting to look at the street cred of our Coffee ride group. 

Oakley is a favourite with cyclists. In fact they made their name producing cycle specific sunnies and cycling jerseys (I have 3 or 4 jerseys and half a dozen shades with Os on them). The trend really caught on when Bono (U2) introduced the rest of the world cycling glasses with yellow or orange lenses.... we cyclists had been wearing multi-coloured eye protection for years. 

Rajan and Shirl (top) sport the ultimate cycling fashion iconic names, Oakley and Pearl Izumi, maker of some of the most expensive lycra gear around.

White is the new black in cycling circles and white shoes the "in thing" for cyclists and Sandra and Chris (top) have obviously been keeping up with the trends. Chris looks totally hipster (a cycling hipster is not to be confused with the 40s Hipster sub-culture) with his loose T, baggy shorts and retro steel bike.

White bikes, white bar tape and white saddles have been the discussion in many a bike blog and forum.

White chain????

Some take the white thing WAY too far! How about a white bike with white saddle, white handlebar grips and white (who in their right mind would put this on a bike) chain.

Heres a vid of some more cycling chic. Fixed gear bikes (no gears, no brakes, no freewheel) in London.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oceania Cycling pledges support for Cycling Fiji...

Above: Oceania Cycling Confederation Executive

At the four yearly Oceania Cycling Confederation (OCC) Congress in Adelade (16 Nov 08) OCC President and UCI VP, Ray Godkin, pledged support for the newly formed Cycling Fiji. Elected to a newly formed post of OCC VP Development is Cycling Australia President, Mike Victor.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh what a lov'ly mornin'...

Great day for a ride. The Saturday coffee ride is a gentle cycle at 7am from Esquires coffee house in Loftus Street (Dolphins), along the Suva seawall. We stop for a drink and a chat opposite the Pony Club and then it's back to the coffee shop for... you guessed it.... coffee... and a muffin or two... or a hot bacon role (yum!). I didn't know it but on this ride I passed the 3000km (cycled since 01 Jan 08) mark. Had I known I would have celebrated with a bacon roll... or three! :D

Monday, November 3, 2008


One of our regular cyclists is running in the New York Marathon. And because of the amazing technology I am tracking her right now... while I'm sitting at the local coffee shop knocking back an espresso or three. There's a pic of her here (Middle pic, facing the camera it a red top).

At 7.50am Fiji time she finished with a time of 4:27:08.... not bad time for her first marathon. Congratulations Ms L we're all VERY proud of you. The world record is held by Paula Radcliffe with a time of 2:15:25. Paula was running in this years New York Marathon and won with a time of 2:23:55.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bike Messenger

"Nothing get from point A to point B faster than I bike Messenger"... I'm not sure about that. In tha big city maybe. This short film is a combination of live action and animation. Quite neat... but I don't know if messengers walk straight into someone's office (thx BSNY). They wold only get as far as the receptionist. There's a good shot of a messenger getting "doored"... then immediately after he pick himself off the ground (WITHOUT checking his bike???) he runs a red light... Proactive karma???

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rain rain....

Well..... it's pouring down in Suva. Been a while since our last torrential rain... needless to say no one turned up to our Saturday morning coffee ride... I spent the morning browsing the 'net looking at bike p()rn... I found this in my travels. It's an ad for tyres... but it's a nice slice of urban cycling.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fiji BATI Day!

The Vodafone Fiji Bati are the Fiji National Rugby League team (Bati = Warrior). The Rugby League World Cup is later this month and as part of the build up we escorted the players, by bike, on a tour though Suva and 'burbs to Fiji Day celebrations held at Albert Park.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Master Dawson Ché Johnson: Welcome!

Seen here aged 5 (minutes) is Dawson Ché Johnson, son of Velocity Cyclist, David Johnson and his beautiful wife Larissa. David sent me the link so, of course, there are no other details on weight etc... Congratulations David and Larissa... and Dawson BULA VINAKA!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cycle Scrum.... :)

As you know Fiji has some of the best Rugby players in the World. I remember getting dragged into a discussion between Aussie and Kiwi supporters who were arguing about who would win an Oz v NZ match. They asked me who I thought would win. I said I had no idea and didn't really care.. I told them I knew one thing for sure... Fijians would score all the tries.... that shut'em up!

Anyway... the Fiji Rugby League has asked us to arrange a ride with the Rugby players from Nausori to Suva on Fiji Day (10 Oct). This is part of their build-up to the Rugby League World Cup. We will ride into the National Stadium where the squad will be presented to the interim Prime Minister.

We have a special cycling jersey for this event. $45 each ($40 each if you buy more than one). Orders close Sunday 29 Sept 2008.
I can post them internationally if anyone overseas is interested. We are also making t-shirts, white only (with black print and no stripes on the sleeves) for $20. Send your order to I have a PayPal account for international orders.. email me for postage costs.

Here they are:

Monday, September 22, 2008

FAME at last!... ROTFLMFAO

I haven't heard officially but people who were there said this blog was "Highly Commended" at the FAME (Fiji Awards for Media Excellence) Awards on Saturday. I'm not a huge believer in industry awards... but if they're handing them out ... what the heck... and if it promotes cycling it can't be bad.

My thanks to the judges.... you can come and ride with us, free of charge :), any time... whoever you are.

One question though??? The winning BLOG is not a blog! It's social network site for Fiji Soldiers. Sotia Central is "a site dedicated to absolutely everything in regards to Fijians serving in foreign legions. Sotia (meaning Soldier) Central aims to fully capture the essence of army life, army wives, army entertainment, army hook ups, and other fun stuff, that our men and women get up to while serving"

A blog is: A personal diary. A log. A pulpit. A collection of your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. By the way the word blog comes from weB LOG.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

LA > TDU????

There's a rumor that Lance Armstrom may ride in the Tour Down Under... in Australia (Duh!) in Jan 09.

Tour Down Under officials will try to lure Lance Armstrong to next year's ProTour race after he confirmed today he is getting back on his bike, determined to win an eighth Tour de France.

Armstrong's return from cancer to win the Tour a record seven consecutive times made him a hero to cancer patients worldwide and elevated cycling to an unprecedented level in America....

Read more here at Adelaide Now

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Nagali ride....

Girls outnumbered boy on yesterdays breakfast ride to Nagali. And of corse we had to stop for a pic by the waterfall.... sorry no photos of the yummy breakfast... too busy eating.

Thanks to Judy and Kalani for manning the support vehicle... Kalani kept the speed up by yelling "I'm beating you"


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will he? Won't he?

There's been a lot of speculation in the international media whether Lance Armstrong will return to professional cycling?

Hear what he's going to do from the man himself.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The price of fuel

The cost of fuel

If you live within cycling distance of your work place try riding to work. Just once. One commute by bike is usually all it will take to prove to yourself that it's pretty easy. My commute is 7km and it takes just over 15 minutes. At peak hour in the morning it can take 40 mins by car, more if you include the wait for a bus (then walk to the office) or taxi. The make it a goal to cycle more than you drive, taxi or bus to work. The only problem I've found is having a shower. If you have a good boss (or are the boss) find out how much it will cost to install a shower. You could even offer to contribute out of all the money you save on fuel (yeh right!). If there is no shower at work arrange to have one at the local pool, or find someone who has a shower in their office.

I've saved  over 1 tonne of green house emissions and if saving the environment is not incentive enough how about the $300+ saved in fuel... about $80 per month. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Half of British Golds from Cycling

The big Olympic story of the at the moment is the dominance of the British Cycling. As track events wrapped up on Tuesday, the final tally gave the British seven of the ten available gold medals. These cycling medals account for half of the total British gold tally. Of those, the most impressive were the successive world records established by the men's pursuit team, which established world records both in qualifying and gold medal rounds. The team set an incredible record of 3:53.776 in the final against a young Danish team, which took home the silver.

Chris Hoy wins the team sprint

The British charge has been lead by Chris Hoy who has become the first British competitor in 100 years to win three gold medals at a single Olympics with victory over GB team-mate Jason Kenny in the team sprint final.

Bike racing in Beijing isn't over yet, either, with cross-country mountain bike coming up on Friday. Before that, there's the Olympic debut of BMX, which also may be worth a look.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"We are the cyclists"

I tounge in cheek poke at the superiority complex cyclists get knowing bicycles are a far superior mode of transport :P

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A goat on a bike

Google is celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a cycling goat.

Why a goat? Why a bike? ... I have no idea. There are a few other oddities...The bike has no seat tube (or seatpost), the goat is not wearing a helmet - although the horns will probably protect his nut, The wheels are obiously Velocity (the wheel manufaturer not us) Deep Vs but who would have a red front and orange rear... not very cool, the goat is wearing what looks like Oakley Monster Dogs which are not great shade for cycling (great shades though). The goats position is all wrong for riding a flat bar road bike and the saddle is from a cruiser... How is this connected to the Olympics? Just click on the goat and the link takes you here.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Electric shock!

Well it's not really a shock. It's been done before and it's no sectret that Shimano and Campagnolo have both been working on electronic versions of their component groupsets.

The new electronic Dura Ace ‘Di2’ (Digital Integrated Intelligence) groupset, which will be available in January next year, will include wired STI Dual Control levers, front and rear derailleurs and a battery pack; the rest will be filled in with standard 7900 componentry. Even with the additional electronic hardware, the complete Di2 group will still be approximately 113g lighter than the current Dura Ace 7800 groupset.

Cost... it hasn't been announced yet but Bike Radar has some tentative UK prices (times three for Fiji Dollars).

• STI Dual Control levers - £349.99/pair
• Rear derailleur - £349.99
• Front derailleur - £249.99
• Cable set - £99.99
• Battery - £49.99
• Charger - £49.99
• Chainset (Dura Ace FC7900) - £319.99
• Cassette - £129.99

That's a total of roughly £1600... NEARLY FJ$5000!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

No chain, no crank, no hubs, no spokes

Designer Bradford Waugh took a shot at designing a bike. I don't think it would be very practical but The Nulla looks very cool.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Get your TdF fill of Phil for breakfast.

Cycling fans know the voice of Phil Ligget. He's been comentation on cycle races since I was a boy... and that's a couple, or three, years ago now :P

If you watch Tour de France on TV or DVD there's a good chance that you'll hear him and ex bike racer Paul Sherwen doing their famous double act. Phil has quite a few choice phrases: "The elastic's gone" when a cyclists just can't pedal any further and "He's dancing on his pedals in a most immodest way".

You can find a whole thread on Bike Forums devoted to his quotes here and a web site here.

But best of all there a web page, here, where you can listen to Phil's and Paul's, as well as cycling Photographer, Graham Watson's audio summary of easch days Tour de France stage. The files a short and load quickly.

Now you can impress all your cycling mates with... "That Ricardo Ricci is the new Marco Pantani" or I hear cadel (Evans, and Tour favourite) had a nasty crash"...

Posts are made each morning around 7-8am Fiji time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Need a new tube...

How about one of these on every corner? It called Trek Stop. It's a bike parts vending machine (the one pictured is in Madison, Wisconsin, USA) and enables cyclists to buy parts like inner tubes, patch kits, water bottles and snacks.

Cool pix

I was looking for a pic just now and I came across this one. Cliff on a cliff doing the original "point". Location is the Nausori Highlands plateau above Nadi.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Tour...

The Tour de France has been running for a few days and the most recent stage was a rare win for a britain. Mark Cavendish out sprinted the peloton to win the stage. Unfortunately no local TV stations are playing the Tour so I'll have to wait for the DVD.

Here's a quick video from a German movie about the Tour called Höllentour or Hell on Wheels.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baba kau for breakfast

From Weekend Rides...
Great cycling food - Baba kau

One of our regular Sunday rides takes us past Akuila's farm on the way to Naqali. Akuila's house is half way up the steepest hill almost at the end of the ride, or correctly at the turnaround point.

The obligitory pic at the waterfall

We had a visiting cyclist from the USA and he said he'd like to get a bit of the Fiji experience and we organised for breakfast at Akuila's. Aquila's daughter, Ulamila, whipped up a good Fiji farm brekkie. Great food for cyclists... lots of carbs and liquids.

On the menu:
Drau ni moli - Lemon leaf tea
Baba Kau - A yeast based "doughnut"
Lolo bun - Steamed buns made with coconut cream
Panikeke - Pancakes

I'd like to say VINAKA VAKALEVU to our guest and all his cycling mates in Santa Rosa. He arrived with a suitcase FULL of cycling gear. Shoes, jerseys, pedals, cleats, gloves, shorts, jackets, arm and leg warmers.... heaps of stuff... We emptied the suitcase and the pile covered the back seat in my truck and two feet deep... this stuff will be well used and appreciated... Many Thanks

Friday, July 4, 2008

Bus strike clears the air

Got a letter to the editor pubished in todays paper. I was knocking back a double (espresso) after my ride to work and people I know kept saying they'd seen it in the paper. We had a bus strike, to protest rising fuel costs, and that morning the air was particularly pleasent as there wasn't the usual line of busses belching out black smoke.

Dear Sir

Bus strike clears the air

I feel sorry for all the people stranded by the bus operators strike. And I feel sorry for the bus and taxi operators as they depend on fuel to run their businesses.

But, I must admit the roads were clear the morning of the strike. Not clear of traffic, as the were more cars and taxis on the road. But, clear of black smoke that abounds at peak traffic hours.

One way the bus and taxi operators can save money is to ensure the engines are properly tuned. An out of tune engine is not efficient as it burns a lot more fuel. Fuel prices will keep on rising and some forcast $200 a barrel before the end of the year.

Maybe the Government could give a break to companies that can prove their vehicles are running clean.

Alternatively, cycle to work. It doesn't use any fuel, doesn't produce any exhaust and it keeps you fit and healthy. I've cycled to work for the past six weeks and the amount I saved could buy me a new bike.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Mountain came to Mohammed

My good mate Culden Kamea writes a Monday column in the Fiji Times. He came for a ride on Saturday (4 new cyclists that morning... Yea!) and I think we have a new obsessive cyclist.

By Culden Kamea

Bula Sports fans!

Last Saturday night, my perseverance paid off as I hung out home alone for the rugby Test match between my new favourite international team, (second to Fiji of course), the Wallabies, who were up against France.

There was no reference to the game being televised live by any of the local media, but like a prayer answered from heaven, there she was on my TV screen seconds before kick-off at 10.30pm.

I’ve switched allegiance to the Wallabies this year, because, like many disgruntled kiwi rugby fans, I think 2007 Rugby World Cup All Black Coach, Graham Henry, should have done the honourable thing after they lost to France in their quarterfinal and resigned. He should have fallen on his sword.

Instead, his ego got the better of him and Henry waited months for the heat of the loss to dissipate before re-applying for the position along with the likes of Super 14 Hurricanes Coach, Ross Cooper, Welsh and NPC Waikato Coach, Wayne Gatland and of course the man who should have got the job, Super 14 Canterbury Coach, Robbie Deans.

Kiwis are a forgiving lot, except when it comes to rugby and the All Blacks in particular of course and so Henry’s re-appointment by the New Zealand Rugby Football Union still cuts deep right across the country, particularly down south.

My view; sure Henry has a better than 90% winning track record as All Black Coach, but hell, with the cream of New Zealand’s rugby talent available to him, even my dear old mother-in-law could have won a few tests in his position, simply by threatening the players with a beating with her good old sasa broom if they lost!

Because of his refusal to go, in an honourable way, Henry has diminished the sacred mana and aura of invincibility of the All Blacks and believe me, that decision will ultimately come back to haunt him.

I apologise for this “Henry gripe”, but I just had to get it off my chest before letting it go and moving on – across the Tasman.

In only two Tests in charge now, the new kiwi Wallaby Coach has already been widely praised by Australia’s top players and rugby commentators for the refreshing change and confidence that he has brought to their squad. So much so, that he has been bestowed with the Aussie moniker “Dingo Deans”!

So far the 2008 Wallabies under the Dingo have scraped together a 100% winning record of 2 out of 2 wins with last Saturday night’s win over the gutsy French, a step up from their win over the Irish a couple of weeks ago. What’s obvious is the big improvement in their forward play, their Canterbury-like patience to set things up and pick and drive again and again and in the Dingo’s own words, “To play what’s in front of you” – something that was so obviously missing from the ABs when they lost to France last year in Cardiff.

Watch this space and go Dingo Deans and his Wallabies!

Before I tell you about my Saturday morning sweat session chasing hot chics in lycra, I must tell you about the mouth-watering ika miti, or fish with coconut cream, that my Tongan bride (who thankfully is not in lycra) is hustling up for Sunday lunch.

I must pause to explain here, because many, mainly young women, approach me to explain the difference between lolo and miti.

In a nut shell ladies, lolo is cooked coconut cream, while miti is uncooked coconut cream. Both should be freshly squeezed from (and by) mature coconuts like your better half! For any other coconut culinary advice, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Tongan bride actually got two large fish for the pan – a Coral Trout and a Saqa, or Trivially, thanks to her sister Lydia and cousin Violet, who in true pacific family way, thought of me, (OK thought of my mother-in-law) and dropped fish around for Sunday lunch. I just love my Mother-in-law.

Now where was I? Right, early last Saturday morning, while most of you were still sleeping, I hit the Suva foreshore with the Velocity Cycling Club on their 10 kilometre ride from Esquires at Dolphin Court down to the National Stadium and back and I must say it was the best thing I’ve done since my wedding day!

Velocity Cycling Club founder and good friend, Dom Sansom and I plus a shoeshine boy (Noa’s brother) who Dom kindly loaned a bike to, were accompanied by local cycling babes - blonde Claire, dark-haired Jessie, sandy-haired Ann and French maiden Sandra with her shiny auburn curls – all in skin-tight lycra occasionally reflecting the early morning rising sun. Talk about heat! I was soon panting and sweating, my heart beating like a drum.

This being my first bike ride in over two decades was a revelation as to how aerobically unfit I am. I was soon left straggling way behind the bunch as they raced off in the crisp morning air.

Nearing Turner’s bridge, under the incredible strain and sustained pressure of 130Kg of prime Tongan beef bouncing around on the rough road, the seat of my titanium-framed bike, which was obviously made for and moulded on some skinny Italian guy’s Ferrari-like bum - collapsed and I narrowly avoided ending up in the tiri, or mangrove swamp, below!

I guess that’s just one of the many risks that us rare breed of Extreme Tongan Tri-athletes have to take chasing hot chics in lycra!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aussie cyclists save Govt. $200 million a year

This from the ABC.

A new report has found the Australian Federal Government is saving more than $200 million a year in health costs through people riding bicycles.

The report was commissioned by the Federal Health Department and is aimed at encouraging state and territory governments to try to increase the popularity of cycling.

One of the report's co-authors, associate professor Chris Rissel, says the figure is a conservative estimate.

"Calculations like this always depend on what you include and don't include," he said.

"While we're talking here about direct health costs it doesn't include all the transport savings, and things like traffic congestion have been known to cause billions of dollars of lost earnings and income."

Click here for the story.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The road to Naqali

Sunday morning on the road to Naqali... two girls on the way to church stopped to have their picture taken with our motley crew. Mesake (5th from left) bonked after this pic was taken, no breakfast, no water,.... he couldn't stand up and had to be driven home. He's also been sick and probably hadn't recovered. " The lesson this Sunday is "No fuel, no go"

Rusi was VERY quick..."can I have your bike if you're not going to ride it"?

Lovely ride though, cycling past waterfalls fed by the recent rains (it's rained for nearly three weeks... non stop!), in fact the Naqali bridge was under water last week, though just waking villages, mist in the valleys, parrots screeching in the rainforest. And back for an espresso (or three) at Esquires.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Albums

I've posted links to our albums on the left

Here's a thumbnail slide show

...and here's a pic from the latest album - Fiji Games 2008

Saturday, May 31, 2008

You go Grrrrrl!

Lionel Evans and Yvette Smith outside Esquires Coffee House in Suva (photo: Shazia Nashreen Ali)

Wai Tui Cycles, Esquires Coffee Houses 
(Not) Fiji Games Race Series

This an excerpt from the press release from Velocity Cycling

Yvette Smith and Lionel Evans won the Women's and Men's Velocity Cycling Club 30km Road Race Friday morning. Smith recently took up cycling and this was the first time she had entered a race. "It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be" said an elated Smith "All you need to do is keep a steady pace". It's great fun and I'm really enjoying cycling."

Evans was favourite to take out the men's race but had to fight off spririted attempts from experienced cyclists Shane Palipane and Rupeni Seasea and only won by 8 seconds. Evans is the National Triathlon Champion and one of Fiji's top cyclists. "It was a good race and there were some pretty good newcomers. The whole bunch stayed together until the last kilometre when I tried to break away. But, the other kept up with me and I had to use everything I had to keep ahead" said Evans.

The Velocity Cycling Club is holding a cycling race competition to help keep up interest as there is no cycling at the Fiji Games.

Velocity Cycling president, Dom Sansom said that Velocity Cycling Club is trying too raise the profile of cycling by holding races at the same time as the Fiji Games. "We contacted the Fiji Games organisers but unfortunately we were told that there would not be any official cycling events this year, so we decided to hold our own competition. We had the Wai Tui Cycles 30km Road Race on Friday, the Wai Tui Cycles 200 metre and 1 kilometre sprints on Saturday and the Esquires 5 kilometre Hill Climb on Sunday." Sansom said the turn out was good with half the competitors competing for the first time. "We will continue to hold our club competitions throughout the year and hope to have National and International events soon" he said.

More racing news and pics to come.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Some people are REALLY nuts!

This guy fitted a jet engine on his old-style cruiser... got up to around 80kmph... CRAZZZZZY!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chuck it my way David!

You often see the pros toss their drink bottles when they're finished with them. David Millar snapped his chain in a final sprint... I just wish I was standing there to catch... if he throws it away and you catch it... you keep it, right?

Friday, May 16, 2008

First Scrapper Bikes. What next... Hibiscus bikes?

A couple of months ago I posted a video of a US hip-hop craze called Scrapper Bikes. Well it seems decorating your bike is becoming an international trend... what next... Hibicsus Bikes??? You can find the Scrapper Bike post here.

AFP have a story about the most amazing bikes from Vietnam. As it's probably copyrighted I'd prefer if you click on the link and read it.

This bike decoration craze is driven by Vietnamese teens who cover their bike with tinsel, faux flowers, teddy bears, speakers hooked up to iPods and flashing lights... could be fun to do this for Hibiscus... speaking of which... years ago there used to be a Hibiscus Festival Bike Race. I've contacted the Hibscus Committee to look at the possibility of resurrecting this tradition. If you're interested in taking part or helping out let me know.

Bring The Thing

I don't know who makes The Thing. I do know it's name is The Thing because there a VERY short video of The Thing on YouTube. I think The Thing is great. The Thing pictured is a single speed so you'd probably need a geared The Thing for Fiji.

Every BARA boy and shoeshine boy should be given The Thing. Imagine the mayhem of 100 The Things zooming around Suva. I'm starting a Bring The Thing campaign to rid central Suva of motorised transport (cars, trucks, busses and taxis). Bikes will be permitted, of course. All traffic will have to park at the town boundry and there will be a fleet of The Things at each Suva entry to transport you and yours to town and back with your shopping. We could have a Discovery Channel reality show called "Bling My Thing", sponsored by Tuckers Ice Cream of course.

Who's in for The Thing?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tokyo bike rack

Whoever said japanese inventors just take good ideas and make them smaller should watch this video of an automated underground bike garage at a Tokyo commuter train station. They've taken the simple bike rack and turned it into a high-tech bike parking robot. It costs 100 yen (about FJ$1.40) a day or 1,800 yen (FJ$25) for a month, customers roll their bikes onto a platform and use a control panel to have them whisked away to a rack within the 9,400 spot facility. The video shows that it takes the system 23 seconds to retrieve the reporter's bike.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

"If you rode a bike you'd be home by now"

Here's a short video of a group of guys cycling on the the LA freeways at peak hour, which is illegal BTW. Their slogan: "If you rode a bike you'd be home by now", is a statement on sustainable living and fuel dependency.

Here's the description attached to the video:

The Freeway Traffic Jam Ride took place on a Friday at 5:30 p.m. when freeway traffic reaches a critical mass on two of Los Angeles' busiest freeways. The time and day were carefully chosen after considerable research and scouting was made over a two week period prior the ride taking place. Based on unverified data and rider speculation, it was assumed that vehicles moved at a speed between 10 and 15 mph, when moving. There was no plan/strategy on what to do when actually on the freeway, as no rider in the group had ever ridden their bicycle on a freeway in this fashion. Riders agreed to a "every rider for themselves " approach regarding police involvement and a "no rider left behind" mentality pertaining to injuries or mechanical failure.

Starting in Santa Monica, 15 bicyclists boarded the Cloverfield on-ramp (Santa Monica Fwy/I-10) and rode 0.87 miles to the Centinela off-ramp. They re-entered the 1-10 Fwy at Bundy and rode 0.44 miles to the I-405 N on-ramp and rode another 1.56 miles to the Santa Monica Blvd. exit. The ramp to the I-405 N was a steep grade and 0.65 miles in length. Riders rode a total of 2.65 freeway miles.

The ride's political stance and agenda(s) was neutral, yet many participants shared common views. When asked WHY, riders refer to the ride's tagline and collective motto: "If you rode a bicycle, you'd be home by now!" This statement encompasses views on oil dependency, sustainable living, and critique of the Los Angeles' transportation infrastructure.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Love, Hate Gloves

Australian bike accessory manufacturer Knog, the guys that make the cute little Frog Light, introduced a range of cycling gloves. While most of the range is a dull battleship grey but their red and white leather LOVE/HATE gloves are sooooooo sexy.

The marketing imagery on the Knog is also pretty racy... it may take a little while to load but it's worth a visit.