Monday, July 14, 2008

Get your TdF fill of Phil for breakfast.

Cycling fans know the voice of Phil Ligget. He's been comentation on cycle races since I was a boy... and that's a couple, or three, years ago now :P

If you watch Tour de France on TV or DVD there's a good chance that you'll hear him and ex bike racer Paul Sherwen doing their famous double act. Phil has quite a few choice phrases: "The elastic's gone" when a cyclists just can't pedal any further and "He's dancing on his pedals in a most immodest way".

You can find a whole thread on Bike Forums devoted to his quotes here and a web site here.

But best of all there a web page, here, where you can listen to Phil's and Paul's, as well as cycling Photographer, Graham Watson's audio summary of easch days Tour de France stage. The files a short and load quickly.

Now you can impress all your cycling mates with... "That Ricardo Ricci is the new Marco Pantani" or I hear cadel (Evans, and Tour favourite) had a nasty crash"...

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