Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Half of British Golds from Cycling

The big Olympic story of the at the moment is the dominance of the British Cycling. As track events wrapped up on Tuesday, the final tally gave the British seven of the ten available gold medals. These cycling medals account for half of the total British gold tally. Of those, the most impressive were the successive world records established by the men's pursuit team, which established world records both in qualifying and gold medal rounds. The team set an incredible record of 3:53.776 in the final against a young Danish team, which took home the silver.

Chris Hoy wins the team sprint

The British charge has been lead by Chris Hoy who has become the first British competitor in 100 years to win three gold medals at a single Olympics with victory over GB team-mate Jason Kenny in the team sprint final.

Bike racing in Beijing isn't over yet, either, with cross-country mountain bike coming up on Friday. Before that, there's the Olympic debut of BMX, which also may be worth a look.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"We are the cyclists"

I tounge in cheek poke at the superiority complex cyclists get knowing bicycles are a far superior mode of transport :P

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A goat on a bike

Google is celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a cycling goat.

Why a goat? Why a bike? ... I have no idea. There are a few other oddities...The bike has no seat tube (or seatpost), the goat is not wearing a helmet - although the horns will probably protect his nut, The wheels are obiously Velocity (the wheel manufaturer not us) Deep Vs but who would have a red front and orange rear... not very cool, the goat is wearing what looks like Oakley Monster Dogs which are not great shade for cycling (great shades though). The goats position is all wrong for riding a flat bar road bike and the saddle is from a cruiser... How is this connected to the Olympics? Just click on the goat and the link takes you here.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Electric shock!

Well it's not really a shock. It's been done before and it's no sectret that Shimano and Campagnolo have both been working on electronic versions of their component groupsets.

The new electronic Dura Ace ‘Di2’ (Digital Integrated Intelligence) groupset, which will be available in January next year, will include wired STI Dual Control levers, front and rear derailleurs and a battery pack; the rest will be filled in with standard 7900 componentry. Even with the additional electronic hardware, the complete Di2 group will still be approximately 113g lighter than the current Dura Ace 7800 groupset.

Cost... it hasn't been announced yet but Bike Radar has some tentative UK prices (times three for Fiji Dollars).

• STI Dual Control levers - £349.99/pair
• Rear derailleur - £349.99
• Front derailleur - £249.99
• Cable set - £99.99
• Battery - £49.99
• Charger - £49.99
• Chainset (Dura Ace FC7900) - £319.99
• Cassette - £129.99

That's a total of roughly £1600... NEARLY FJ$5000!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

No chain, no crank, no hubs, no spokes

Designer Bradford Waugh took a shot at designing a bike. I don't think it would be very practical but The Nulla looks very cool.