Saturday, August 9, 2008

A goat on a bike

Google is celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a cycling goat.

Why a goat? Why a bike? ... I have no idea. There are a few other oddities...The bike has no seat tube (or seatpost), the goat is not wearing a helmet - although the horns will probably protect his nut, The wheels are obiously Velocity (the wheel manufaturer not us) Deep Vs but who would have a red front and orange rear... not very cool, the goat is wearing what looks like Oakley Monster Dogs which are not great shade for cycling (great shades though). The goats position is all wrong for riding a flat bar road bike and the saddle is from a cruiser... How is this connected to the Olympics? Just click on the goat and the link takes you here.

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Pedaller said...

Yes indeed Velomancer what the heck is going on with Google today?
Two generations of my family are equally perplexed. For crying out loud what with the English weather the credit crunch the war in Georgia the end of the world as we know it and now Google have given me a nervous break down. Is it because the cyclists are up the mountains today? How tenuous a link is THAT? Velomancer is a really cool name.