Monday, August 17, 2009

Alisi does the double

From left - Alisi Takayawa, Susan McGoon, Ella Carling and Jessie McGoon

From left: Yee Wah Sing, Jope Tikotani and Timothy Fong

Junior cyclist, Alisi Takayawa, won the Junior Girls 3 Kilometre and Womens 1 kilometre Sprint at the 1 Degree Fun Cycle Races on Sunday. Takayawa is the niece of Fiji's Judo star Naca Takayawa. Two newcomers made surprise wins with Christian Carling winning the Mens 1km Sprint and Semiti Koroi came first in the Junior Boys 3 kilometre race. Race organiser, Dom Sansom, was pleased with the turnout. "We had record numbers at the races" he said "We ran out of race numbers because of the increase in competitors"
The 1 Degree Fun Cycle races are sponsored by 1 Degree, Fii Times, Samba and Nature Valley and are held on the third Sunday of the month.

Mens 1km Sprint
1. Christain Carling
2. Timothy Fong
3. Yee Wah Sings
4. Jope Tikotani
5. Naveen Prakash
6. Caleb Koroi
7. Ian Curtis
8. Mapa Bolea
9.William Yee

Womens 1km Sprint
1. Alisi Takayawa
2. Jessie McGoon
3. Susan McGoon
4. Yun Ying Yee
5. Ella Carling
6. Mackenzie Morgan
7. Catherine Morgan

Sprockets (u8) 100m
1. Sophia Morgan
2. Tiana Carling
3. Max Sutton

Junior Girls 3km
1. Alisi Takayawa
2. Jesie McGoon
3. Ella Carling
4. Mackenzie Morgan
5. Susan McGoon
6. Georgia Morgan

Junior Boys 3km
1. Semiti Koroi
2. William Yee
3.Viliam Takayawa
4. Thomas McGoon

Open 10km
1= Timothy Fong
1= Yee Wah Sing
3. Jope Tikotani
4. Christian Carling
5. Mapa Bolea
6. Caleb Koroi
7. Naveen Prakash
DNF Ian Curtis
DNF Semiti Koroi

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 Degree Fun Cycle Races Sunday 02 Aug 09

Pinning on the numbers

Winner of the Women's 1km sprint, Jessie McGoon

Jope Tikotani, Scott Pickering, Timothy Fong, Leena Pratt, William Yee.
1 Degree Fun Cycle Races a success.

Vuya Road, by Suva Grammar School, in Suva was a hive of activity on Sunday morning as the Velocity Cycling Club held the 1 Degree Fun Cycle races. There was an upset in the Women's one kilometer sprint when 13 year old Jessie McGoon crossed the line 20 bike lengths ahead of the rest of the field, which included Fiji's Triathlon Champion, Seini "Nau" Dakuliga.
Dakuliga got her revenge winning the Women's 3 km race with fellow Triathlete, Leena Pratt in second place.

"It's great to see younger cyclists competing with experienced riders" Said 1 Degree Fun Cycle organiser, Dom Sansom. "We created a new category for under 8 year olds called the Sprokets. The Sprokets had two short races of 50 and 100 metres."

Both Sprockets races were won by Annie Rudell

The Mens 1 kilometer sprint was won by Maesake Yalidol who was unfortunately disqualified from the open race for not registering for the race. Scott Whippy and William Yee shared first place in the under 16 race when they crossed the line together with Gabriella Kado and Ella Carling in 3rd and 4th place.

The 1 Degree Fun Cycle races are usually held on the third Sunday of each month. The race was held on 2nd August after being postponed on the 21st July because of bad weather.

The races are open to everyone. Entry is free and bikes are available at a nominal fee of $5 including a helmet. The next 1 Degree Fun Cycle Race is Sunday 13 September 2009.


Mens Sprint 1km
1. Mesake Yaldole
2. Timothy Fong
3. Jope Tikotani
4. Christian Carling
5. Yee Wah Sing
6. Naveen Prasad
7. Robert De Raeve

Women's Sprint 1km
1. Jessie McGoon
2. Yun Yee
3. Nau Dakuliga
4. Jessie Sansom

Sprokets (u8) 50m
1. Annie Rudell
2. Laura De Raeve
3. Lucy Rudell

Sprokets (u8) 100m
1. Annie Rudell
2. Laura De Raeve
3. Gabriella Kado
4. Tiana Carling

Juniors (u16)
=1. William Yee
=1. Scott Pickering
3. Celeste Kado
4. Ella Carling

Womens Open 3km
1. Nau Dakuliga
2. Leena Pratt
3. Yun Yee
4. Jessie Mcgoon
DNF Jessie Sansom

Open 10km
1. Timothy Fong
2. Jope Tikotani
3. Yee Wah Sing
4. Christian Carling
5. Nau Dakuliga
6. Leena Pratt
7. Gina Houng Lee
DNF Jessie Sansom
DNF Yun Yee