Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tour of Fiji Video

This was the victory lap. After the finish of the final stage of the Tour of Fiji we all cycled from Lami to the Holiday Inn, Suva.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Tour of Fiji and National Championship results

National Championship - Points

Mesaka Yalidole 54 NATIONAL CHAMPION

Timothy Fong 49

Jope Tikotani 46

National Championship - General Classification
Total time

Mesaka Yalidole 20.36.18 NATIONAL CHAMPION

Jope Tikotani 21.44.34

George Lal 25.14.52

Wai Tui Cycles Tour of Fiji 2009

Total time ToF S1 ToF S2 ToF S3

1.Lionel Evans 5.45.58 2.18.05 2.15.32 1.12.21

2. Jope Tikotani 6.23.14 2.33.58 2.31.17 1.17.59
3. Mesaka Yalidole 6.24.40 2.47.46 2.19.39 1.17.15

4. Christian Carling 6.35.48 2.37.33 2.35.25 1.22.50

5. Mapa Bolea 7.06.56 3.14.44 2.34.55 1.17.16

6. Peter Sinclair 7.14.42 2.56.20 2.50.46 1.27.36

7. Nau Dakuliga 7.20.04 2.58.03 2.50.46 1.31.15

8. George Lal 7.33.56 3.03.43 3.02.24 1.27.08

9. Leena Pratt 7.54.17 3.14.44 3.05.30 1.34.03

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wai Tui Cycles Tour of Fiji standing with one day left

National Cycling Championship - Points

Points with one stage to go

Mesaka Yalidole 50

Timothy Fong 47

Jope Tikotani 45

National Championship - General Classification

Times with one stage to go

Mesaka Yalidole 19.19.03

Jope Tikotani 20.26.35

George La 23.47.44

Wai Tui Cycles Tour of Fiji 2009

Positions with one stage to go

1 Lionel Evans 4.33.37

2 Jope Tikotani 5.05.15

3 Mesaka Yalidole 5.07.25

4 Christian Carling 5.12.58

5 Yee Wah Sing 5.28.28

6 Peter Sinclair 5.47.06

7 Nau Dakuliga 5.48.49

8 Mapa Bolea 5.49.39

9 George Lal 6.06.48

10 Leena Pratt 6.20.14

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1st Tour of Fiji - 17-19 Oct. 2009

The first Tour of Fiji is on! Albeit on a shoesting.

Friday 16 October - Overnight Nadi

Saturday 17 October Nadi- Sigatoka (approx 65km)

Sunday 18 October Sigatoka- Pacific Harbour (approx 90km)
Monday 19 October Pacific Harbour - Suva (approx 50km)

Please confirm your participation as:

a. Competitor

b. Supporter/volunteer

and include names of those traveling with you.

DEADLINE for confirmation is 5pm Thursday 08 October.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Junior wins Uprising 40km TT by 27 seconds


Joon on the way to a win

Mesake puts the hammer down

Wah came 4th


A bit of R&R at Uprising Resort before riding back. Jope (r) and Mapa.

PRESS RELEASE 5pm 04.10.09

Timothy Fong snatched victory in the Uprising Resort 40 kilometre Time Trial cycle race on Sunday by 27 seconds and closed the gap on Mesake Yalidole in the Fiji Sun National Cycling championship.

Ten cyclists participated in the time trial, from Lami to Uprising Resort, where each cyclist races against the clock starting at one minute intervals. Fong's time for the 40 kilometres was 1 hour and 8 minutes or and average speed of over 35kmph.

Uprising Resort sponsored the time trial and everyone enjoyed a buffet breakfast and a swim before cycling back to Suva

"I'd like to than Alfie Christopherson and all the staff at Uprising Resort" said Cycling Fiji President, Dom Sansom. "Their buffet breakfast is just what hungery cyclists nee to refuel after a fast race".

Uprising Resort 40km Time Trial
Timothy Fong 1.08.18
Mesake Yalidole 1.08.45,
Jope Tikotani 1.11.55,
Yee wah Sing 1.12.17,
Christian Carling 1.12.26,
Mapa Bolea 1.12.42,
Kaliova Vuki 1.15.12,
Peter Sinclair 1.19.36,
George Lal 1.19.44,
Tony Weir 1.20.27

Friday, September 25, 2009

Go Jope

Cyclist looses championship to help fellow racer - Fiji Sun 22 Sept 2009

A favourite to win the Fiji SUN National Cycling Championship Series and up coming Tour of Fiji may have put himself out of contention after stopping to help another competitor.

Jope Tikotani is one of best cyclists in Fiji. After losing time to punctures in the last two races he was slowly clawing his way back up the table to be in with a chance of regaining the top spot.

If the final few kilometers of Sunday's Rooster Race, a 150km cycle race from Suva to Korovisilou and back, veteran cyclist Yee Wah Sing had crippling cramps. Tikotani came across Yee wracked in pain and he helped the fellow cyclist to the side of the road.

"Jope dragged me from the middle of road where I fell - with me still clipped on to the bike and stayed with me for about 10 minutes. He tried to get me back on the bike to complete the race and only left after he arranged for emergency rescue." Said Yee

"I also appreciate the many motorists who stopped to see whether they could help. One lady even did a U-turn and came around to see if she could take me to get treated. It was only cramps but it was in every muscle from my toes to my waist and it was terribly painful. He added.

President of Cycling Fiji, Dom Sansom, said of Tikotani. "He put his fellow cyclist wellbeing before his own glory. This is common in cycling as cyclists from opposing teams will often help each other while racing. Jope had a great chance of winning the championship but the time he lost helping Wah puts him a long way behind. But, he has great heart and if anyone can make a comeback, he can.

Tikotani was modest about incident. "I saw Wah as his legs seized. It's one of those things that happens in cycling. Normally you can work your way through the pain but this was bad. I helped him unclip his shoes from his bike and when the cramps didn't go away I called the race director and he said he would come and get him and for me to finish the race. I didn't want to leave but Wah told be to go and not lose more time"

Tikotani's skill as a cyclist can be seen on TV as he stars in a television commercial. When she heard of Tikonai's selfless act Film Producer, Catherine Morgan, was full of praise for Tikotani "There is such incredible spirit you have in the Fiji cycling family. He gets my vote for Sportsman of the Year."

Tikotani will be battling to regain time in the next race in the Fiji SUN National Cycling Championship Series from Lami to Pacific Harbour on 3 October.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Chicken Little wins Rooster Race

Junior in black and white

Favourite to win the 150 kilometer Rooster Race, Maseake "the Missile" Yalidole was pipped at the post by Junior "Chicken Little" Fong. Junior, newcomer Mapa in second and Mesa and all finished with the same time (5hrs 03mins 25secs). Less than a wheel length separated the three in an exciting 60kmph sprint for the finish line after cycling 150 kilometres from Suva to Korovisilou and back.

Mesake retains the lead in the points and is now almost unbeatable in the general classification (time) competition.

Rooster Cycle Race Results

1 Timothy Fong 5.03.25
2 Mapa Bolea 5.03.25
3 Mesake Yalidole 5.03.25
4 Jope Tikotani 5.58.02
5 George Lal 6.58.15
Christian Carling DNF
Naveen Prakash DNF
Yee Wah Sing DNF

Monday, August 17, 2009

Alisi does the double

From left - Alisi Takayawa, Susan McGoon, Ella Carling and Jessie McGoon

From left: Yee Wah Sing, Jope Tikotani and Timothy Fong

Junior cyclist, Alisi Takayawa, won the Junior Girls 3 Kilometre and Womens 1 kilometre Sprint at the 1 Degree Fun Cycle Races on Sunday. Takayawa is the niece of Fiji's Judo star Naca Takayawa. Two newcomers made surprise wins with Christian Carling winning the Mens 1km Sprint and Semiti Koroi came first in the Junior Boys 3 kilometre race. Race organiser, Dom Sansom, was pleased with the turnout. "We had record numbers at the races" he said "We ran out of race numbers because of the increase in competitors"
The 1 Degree Fun Cycle races are sponsored by 1 Degree, Fii Times, Samba and Nature Valley and are held on the third Sunday of the month.

Mens 1km Sprint
1. Christain Carling
2. Timothy Fong
3. Yee Wah Sings
4. Jope Tikotani
5. Naveen Prakash
6. Caleb Koroi
7. Ian Curtis
8. Mapa Bolea
9.William Yee

Womens 1km Sprint
1. Alisi Takayawa
2. Jessie McGoon
3. Susan McGoon
4. Yun Ying Yee
5. Ella Carling
6. Mackenzie Morgan
7. Catherine Morgan

Sprockets (u8) 100m
1. Sophia Morgan
2. Tiana Carling
3. Max Sutton

Junior Girls 3km
1. Alisi Takayawa
2. Jesie McGoon
3. Ella Carling
4. Mackenzie Morgan
5. Susan McGoon
6. Georgia Morgan

Junior Boys 3km
1. Semiti Koroi
2. William Yee
3.Viliam Takayawa
4. Thomas McGoon

Open 10km
1= Timothy Fong
1= Yee Wah Sing
3. Jope Tikotani
4. Christian Carling
5. Mapa Bolea
6. Caleb Koroi
7. Naveen Prakash
DNF Ian Curtis
DNF Semiti Koroi

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1 Degree Fun Cycle Races Sunday 02 Aug 09

Pinning on the numbers

Winner of the Women's 1km sprint, Jessie McGoon

Jope Tikotani, Scott Pickering, Timothy Fong, Leena Pratt, William Yee.
1 Degree Fun Cycle Races a success.

Vuya Road, by Suva Grammar School, in Suva was a hive of activity on Sunday morning as the Velocity Cycling Club held the 1 Degree Fun Cycle races. There was an upset in the Women's one kilometer sprint when 13 year old Jessie McGoon crossed the line 20 bike lengths ahead of the rest of the field, which included Fiji's Triathlon Champion, Seini "Nau" Dakuliga.
Dakuliga got her revenge winning the Women's 3 km race with fellow Triathlete, Leena Pratt in second place.

"It's great to see younger cyclists competing with experienced riders" Said 1 Degree Fun Cycle organiser, Dom Sansom. "We created a new category for under 8 year olds called the Sprokets. The Sprokets had two short races of 50 and 100 metres."

Both Sprockets races were won by Annie Rudell

The Mens 1 kilometer sprint was won by Maesake Yalidol who was unfortunately disqualified from the open race for not registering for the race. Scott Whippy and William Yee shared first place in the under 16 race when they crossed the line together with Gabriella Kado and Ella Carling in 3rd and 4th place.

The 1 Degree Fun Cycle races are usually held on the third Sunday of each month. The race was held on 2nd August after being postponed on the 21st July because of bad weather.

The races are open to everyone. Entry is free and bikes are available at a nominal fee of $5 including a helmet. The next 1 Degree Fun Cycle Race is Sunday 13 September 2009.


Mens Sprint 1km
1. Mesake Yaldole
2. Timothy Fong
3. Jope Tikotani
4. Christian Carling
5. Yee Wah Sing
6. Naveen Prasad
7. Robert De Raeve

Women's Sprint 1km
1. Jessie McGoon
2. Yun Yee
3. Nau Dakuliga
4. Jessie Sansom

Sprokets (u8) 50m
1. Annie Rudell
2. Laura De Raeve
3. Lucy Rudell

Sprokets (u8) 100m
1. Annie Rudell
2. Laura De Raeve
3. Gabriella Kado
4. Tiana Carling

Juniors (u16)
=1. William Yee
=1. Scott Pickering
3. Celeste Kado
4. Ella Carling

Womens Open 3km
1. Nau Dakuliga
2. Leena Pratt
3. Yun Yee
4. Jessie Mcgoon
DNF Jessie Sansom

Open 10km
1. Timothy Fong
2. Jope Tikotani
3. Yee Wah Sing
4. Christian Carling
5. Nau Dakuliga
6. Leena Pratt
7. Gina Houng Lee
DNF Jessie Sansom
DNF Yun Yee

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mesake and Jessie win the long one

Winners Jessie McGoon and Mesake Yalidole

This from Fiji Sun. Monday 27 July 2009
A day of punctures and blow outs caused an upset in the FIJI SUN 2009 Fiji Cycling Championship on Sunday. Yellow jersey holder and favourite to win the 80 kilometre road race, Jope Tikotani, and a tyre blow out a few minutes from the start of the race. This lost him valuable time and rivals Mesake Yalidole and Wah "old war horse" Sing made the most of his misfortune and built up a good lead.

Half way through the race Yalidole suffered a similar mishap with a puncture and Wah Sing powered ahead to take advantage, although he was a true sportsman and gave Yalidole his only spare inner tube so that he could continue in the race. This would prove to be costly for Wah Sing as Yalidole made up the time and over took him 16 kilometers from the finish line and eventually won the race.

"Never give up" sain an exhausted Yalidole after crossing the line in first place "I punctured half way but I was determined to catch Wah. He may be twice my age but he is very strong, specially over long distances".

President of Cycling Fiji, Dom Sansom said that cycling is unpredictable. "Even if you are the strongest and fastest you can have problems with punctures or mechanical failures" he said "Overcoming these obstacles and coming first is the true sign of a winner. And the sign of a true sportsman is helping a competitor at a cost to yourself. Wah's actions were selfless and even though it may have cost him first place other cyclists will remember this and help him if he ever needs it. Cycling is like that.

The 80 kilometre road race, from Lami to pacific Harbour and back to Lami is the second race in the 2009 Fiji Cycling Championship Series organised by Cycling Fiji and sponsored by Fiji Sun, Esquires Wai Tui Cycles and Samba and is supported by the LTA.

80km Road Race
1. Mesake Yalidole 2.43.46
2. Yee Wah Sing 2.48.03
3. Timothy fong Jnr 3.04.50
4. George Lal 3.08.45
5. Jope tikotani 3.09.17

Juniors 30km Road Race
1. Jessie McGoon 1.23.58
2. Susan Mcgoon 1.26.31

Friday, July 17, 2009

1 Degree Fun Cycle Races

8am Sunday 19 July, Vuya Road, Veiuto

Race 1 Men’s Sprint 1 circuit

Race 2 Women's Sprint 1 circuit

Race 3 Beginners’ & u23 2 circuits

Race 4 Juniors’ (u16) 2 circuits

Race 5 Women’s Open 3 circuits

Race 6 Open 10 circuits

Registration: 8am. Entry is FREE.
Races start at 8.15am and finish around 10.30am

Great prizes: Movie passes, FREE bike service at Wai Tui Cycles, Nando’s vouchers, Esquires coffee vouchers and lots more.

ALL WELCOME. Any type of bike can be used. Under 18 must have parents signature on the registration form.

Helmets MUST be worn by competitors at ALL TIMES at the race venue.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Race1 Wai Tui Cycles 40km road race.
Colo i Suva - Nagalia Village - Colo i Suva

Name Time Ave Speed Points
1 Jope tikotani 1.17.05 31.14 km/h 8
2 Mesake Yalidole 1.17.16 31.06 km/h 7
3 Rupeni Seasea 1.18.55 30.41 km/h 6
4 Wah Sing 1.25.11 28.17 km/h 5
5 Vuki Kaliova 1.30.46 26.44 km/h 4
6 George Lal 1.44.49 22.90 km/h 3
7 Simon May 1.57.45 20.38 km/h 3
8 Leena Pratt 1.58.23 20.27 km/h 3
9 Sandra Lago 2.10.54 18.33 km/h 3
10 Ian Curtis 2.12.35 18.10 km/h 3
DNF Joe Movick
DNF Navin Prakash
1 Christopher Cakabau 0.59.07
2 Jessie McGoon 1.06.32
3 Susan McGoon 1.18.55

Friday, June 5, 2009

Cycle 2 Work Day a big hit

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who cycles to work on 4 June. I was expecting the "usual suspects" but we had quite a few non cyclist "having a go".... which was the whole point.
Our sponsors were great and Fiji Sun in particular really came to the party with thousands of dollars in advertising space, 2-3 cycling articles each day for over a week and a 4 page supplement yesterday.
Vinaka vakalevu to:
Land Transport Authority, Vodafone, Post Fiji, Esquires Coffee Shop (great breakfast guys!), Star Printery, Pacific Building Systems, Wai Tui Cycle, Clay Energy, Samba!, Fiji Sun and Department of Environment

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Steel Langster Frame????

Riding a single speed bike is pure simplicity. 1 gear, two wheels and you. I have three single speed bikes and two of them are Langsters, the single speed offering from one on the bike worlds major players, Specialized. Langsters are loved by their owners ('cos they're great to ride) but looked down upon by the trendy "hipsters" that only seem to ride multi-coloured, steel framed brakeless, fixed gear bikes. This is a fad/trend/fashion that started out echoing the style of bike messengers, simple, cheap and practical bikes and clothing... not forgetting messenger bags (I use a Chrome Industries Messenger bag to cycle to work on one of my Langsters but I am closer to Hippo than Hipster). Anyway... Specialized has obviously heard the moans about their Langsters and it looks like they'll soon be offering a steel (tig welded I think) Langster frame with a lugged fork. The hipster community will find this more appealing and reactions on fixed gear forums seem to be positive. I'm not sure if it will be sold as a complete bike as well... but the initial market will probably prefer to build their own...

All I can say is "I want one... or two"

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

Giro d'Italia - Stage 2 last couple of kms

Two of the worlds best sprinters Mark Cavendish (Stage 1 winner) and Alessandro Petacchi hammer it out at the finish of the Giro's stage 2.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cycle 2 Work Day - 4 June 2009

As part of Environment Week (1-5 June 2009) we are organising a campaign to encourage people to cycle to work. The Environment Week organising committee has agree that the 4th June will be Cycle 2 Work Day. While we do not expect hundreds of people to dash out of their homes and pedal to their offices, this will be the start on a long road to increasing the number of people who get to work by means other than motorised transport.

Fiji is generally warm all year round and is relatively flat on the coast. Despite this few people in Fiji use bicycles as transport. When asked why people don’t cycle their main concern is safety.
Perception - Cycling on roads is dangerous
Fact - Cycling is much safer than driving and even walking.
The only way to get over a fear of doing something is to DO IT. Cycle 2 Work Day give people the opportunity to do this. A special day to jump on the bike and have a go. Once the initial apprehension is overcome the journey is fast, invigorating and fun. The next reaction is “well, that was easy. I can do that any time”. So, join us on 4 June and cycle to work. Oh.... and Esquires 1 (Loftus Street) will give everyone who Cycles 2 Work, a free drink (coffee, tea or juice) and a light breakfast.
If you don't feel confident cycling to work on your own just look out for our Cycle 2 Work volunteers with their fluorescent ORANGE t-shirts. They will be cycling into Suva from Veisari, Tacirua and Nakasi from around 7am... just follow them.
If you want to volunteer and get a free Cycle 2 Work custom microtex cycling jersey - contact me.
See you on the road

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Crits Results

Race 1 Men’s Sprint
1st Yee Wah Sing
2nd Tony Wier
3rd George Lal 

Race 2 Women's Sprint
1st Jessie McGoon
2nd Susan McGoon
3rd Jessie Sansom

Race 3 Junior boys
1st Thomas McGoon
2nd William Yee 

Race 4 Juniors girls
1st Jessie McGoon
2nd Susan McGoon

Race 5 Women’s Open
1st Sandra Lago
2nd Jessie Sansom

Race 6 Open
1st Yee Wah Sing
2nd Jope Tikotani
3rd Timothy Fong

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Crits on Sunday (3 May)

1 degree

Wai Tui Cycles Criterium
Sunday 03 May, Vuya Road, Veiuto

Race 1 Men’s Sprint 1 circuit
Race 2 Women's Sprint 1 circuit
Race 3 Beginners’ Open 2 circuits
Race 4 Juniors’ (u18) 2 circuits
Race 5 Women’s Open 3 circuits
Race 6 Open 10 circuits
Registration: 7-7.15am. Entry is FREE.
Races start at 7.15am and finish around 10.30am

Great prizes: Movie passes, FREE bike service at Wai Tui Cycles, FREE Pizza and Brugers from Jody’s, Esquires coffee vouchers and lots more.
ALL WELCOME. Any type of bike can be used. Under 18 must have parents signature on the registration form.
Helmets MUST be worn by competitors when on a bike at ALL TIMES at the race venue.

Monday, April 6, 2009

40km Time Trial Nasese

Simon May and Nau Dakuliga, winners of the 40km TT

40km TT Results

1. Simon May 1.17.13
2. Yee Wah Sing 1.18.00
3. Timothy Fong 1.18.45
4. Kaliova Vuki 1.19.33
5. Mesake Yalidole 1.23.03
6. Jope Tikotani 1.25.53
7. Eroni 1.27.00 (MTB)
8. Peter Sinclair 1.31.31 (MTB)
9. Rupeni Seasea 1.43.22
    George Lal DNF
    Asaeli DNF

1. Nau Dakuliga 1.31.32
2. Sandra Lago 1.35.23
3. Gina Houng Lee 1.36.48
4. Amy Cooper 1.38 13

8km TT Juniors
1. William Yee 25.13

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The only way is up........

In fact the Palipane Hill Climb Challenge is only 5km. But it's a tough 5 K. Veteran, Yee Wah Sing challenged holder of the Palipane Trophy, Mesake Yalidole, but both were piped to the top by record holder Timothy Fong Jnr. Tim didn't manage to beat his record(10:25???) but 13:00.9 is a respectable time. Holder of the trophy, Mesake Yalidole had the misfortune of leaving his cycling shoes in a taxi and had to race with MTB pedals and training shoes.
A special mention must go to 15 year old Chris Cakobau. Chris was not looking forward to cycling up the hill but courage won out and he clocked an amazing time for a first attempt of 24:23. Chris now has a benchmark to beat and we expect great things from this young man.

Timothy Fong Jnr (and Junior Jnr) receive the Palipane Trohpy

Chris Cakobau cheered on by challenger Yee Wah Sing, in his herculean effort to "Kill the Hill"

Here are the times:
Timothy Fong Jnr 13:00.9
Mesake Yalidole
Jope Tikotani
Yee Wah Sing
Nau Dakuliga
Chris Cakobau

Friday, March 20, 2009

World Champ kit for winner

World Champion MTBer and Cyclocrosser, Thomas Frischknecht in the SwissPower gear

There is a unique prize for the winner of the Palipane Trophy. A brand new Swiss Power World Champion team cycling jersey and bib shorts made by swiss cycling apparel manufacturer Cuore worth over FJ$300 ... actually you cannot buy this gear as it is only issued to the SwissPower team. This uniform has Cycling World Champion stripes and is only those that have been world champion are allowed to wear these in competition. This is a one off donated by John Philp who is a friend of World Champion MTB racer Thomas Frischknecht .

John told me his friend " who is a keen mountain biker" (a huge understatement) gave him the SwissPower jersey and bibshorts... This is a MAJOR prize and I think I'll be taking part.... just in case everyone else has punctures or runs out of puff... fine chance... but you never know. I also have to lose about 80kg to fit in them.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's a record

Our spiritual master Yee wah Sing commented a year or so ago that our Saturday morning ride is probably the longest running regular sporting event in the country. I know we have been doing it , unbroken, every Saturday for over 5 years... some time there was only one cyclist... but it went ahead. Saturday we had twent cyc lists take part and I think this is the most we've ever had...
You'll count 19 in the pic and one behind the camera. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Wai Tui Cycles Criterium 
Sunday 15 February 2008
Winners can collect their prizes, a Wai Tui cycling Jersey from Wai Tui Cycles.

Womens 1 km Sprint
1 Susan McGoon
2 Alisi Takayawa
3 Jessie McGoon

Jnr Boys 1 km Sprint
1 Christopher Cakobau
2 William Yee
3 Thomas McGoon

Open 3 km
1 Jope Tikotani
2 Yee Wah Sing
3 Tony Wier

Jnr Girls 3 km
1 Alisi Takawaya
2 Susan McGoon
3 Mackenzie Morgan

Beginners 3 km
1 Christopher Cakobau
2 William Yee
3 Navneel Prasad

Open 10 km
1 Jope Tikotani
2 Mesake Yalidole
3 Timothy Fong Jnr

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crits on the third Sunday of every month

We are running regular a Criteirum (circuit races) every 3rd Sunday of every month. The first one will be Sunday 15 February 2009.

Our last two criteriums were a great success and we had races for all ages, genders and even a "heavyweight" category.

These races are short, flat and great fun. We have junior, beginners, women's categories as well as a couple of races for experienced cyclists (and heavyweights). As you can see from our short video of the last criterium these races are more fun than competition so the whole family can take part. The RoC Market is on the same morning so you can make a whole morning of fun.

We will have bikes (with Helmet) for hire ($5 for the races) at the event so you can take part even if you don't have a bike. Please book your bike with me, in advance, as they tend to go quickly.

Velocity Cycling Criterium

Date - Sunday 15 February

Venue - Vuya Road, Veiuto, Suva

Registration 7am

Entry - FREE

Races for everyone
Junior Girls
Junior Boys
Beginner Men
Beginner Women
Men Open (2 races)
Women Open (2 races)
Clydesdales (over 100kg)