Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Steel Langster Frame????

Riding a single speed bike is pure simplicity. 1 gear, two wheels and you. I have three single speed bikes and two of them are Langsters, the single speed offering from one on the bike worlds major players, Specialized. Langsters are loved by their owners ('cos they're great to ride) but looked down upon by the trendy "hipsters" that only seem to ride multi-coloured, steel framed brakeless, fixed gear bikes. This is a fad/trend/fashion that started out echoing the style of bike messengers, simple, cheap and practical bikes and clothing... not forgetting messenger bags (I use a Chrome Industries Messenger bag to cycle to work on one of my Langsters but I am closer to Hippo than Hipster). Anyway... Specialized has obviously heard the moans about their Langsters and it looks like they'll soon be offering a steel (tig welded I think) Langster frame with a lugged fork. The hipster community will find this more appealing and reactions on fixed gear forums seem to be positive. I'm not sure if it will be sold as a complete bike as well... but the initial market will probably prefer to build their own...

All I can say is "I want one... or two"

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