Friday, May 8, 2009

Cycle 2 Work Day - 4 June 2009

As part of Environment Week (1-5 June 2009) we are organising a campaign to encourage people to cycle to work. The Environment Week organising committee has agree that the 4th June will be Cycle 2 Work Day. While we do not expect hundreds of people to dash out of their homes and pedal to their offices, this will be the start on a long road to increasing the number of people who get to work by means other than motorised transport.

Fiji is generally warm all year round and is relatively flat on the coast. Despite this few people in Fiji use bicycles as transport. When asked why people don’t cycle their main concern is safety.
Perception - Cycling on roads is dangerous
Fact - Cycling is much safer than driving and even walking.
The only way to get over a fear of doing something is to DO IT. Cycle 2 Work Day give people the opportunity to do this. A special day to jump on the bike and have a go. Once the initial apprehension is overcome the journey is fast, invigorating and fun. The next reaction is “well, that was easy. I can do that any time”. So, join us on 4 June and cycle to work. Oh.... and Esquires 1 (Loftus Street) will give everyone who Cycles 2 Work, a free drink (coffee, tea or juice) and a light breakfast.
If you don't feel confident cycling to work on your own just look out for our Cycle 2 Work volunteers with their fluorescent ORANGE t-shirts. They will be cycling into Suva from Veisari, Tacirua and Nakasi from around 7am... just follow them.
If you want to volunteer and get a free Cycle 2 Work custom microtex cycling jersey - contact me.
See you on the road

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