Monday, July 7, 2008

Baba kau for breakfast

From Weekend Rides...
Great cycling food - Baba kau

One of our regular Sunday rides takes us past Akuila's farm on the way to Naqali. Akuila's house is half way up the steepest hill almost at the end of the ride, or correctly at the turnaround point.

The obligitory pic at the waterfall

We had a visiting cyclist from the USA and he said he'd like to get a bit of the Fiji experience and we organised for breakfast at Akuila's. Aquila's daughter, Ulamila, whipped up a good Fiji farm brekkie. Great food for cyclists... lots of carbs and liquids.

On the menu:
Drau ni moli - Lemon leaf tea
Baba Kau - A yeast based "doughnut"
Lolo bun - Steamed buns made with coconut cream
Panikeke - Pancakes

I'd like to say VINAKA VAKALEVU to our guest and all his cycling mates in Santa Rosa. He arrived with a suitcase FULL of cycling gear. Shoes, jerseys, pedals, cleats, gloves, shorts, jackets, arm and leg warmers.... heaps of stuff... We emptied the suitcase and the pile covered the back seat in my truck and two feet deep... this stuff will be well used and appreciated... Many Thanks

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