Friday, July 4, 2008

Bus strike clears the air

Got a letter to the editor pubished in todays paper. I was knocking back a double (espresso) after my ride to work and people I know kept saying they'd seen it in the paper. We had a bus strike, to protest rising fuel costs, and that morning the air was particularly pleasent as there wasn't the usual line of busses belching out black smoke.

Dear Sir

Bus strike clears the air

I feel sorry for all the people stranded by the bus operators strike. And I feel sorry for the bus and taxi operators as they depend on fuel to run their businesses.

But, I must admit the roads were clear the morning of the strike. Not clear of traffic, as the were more cars and taxis on the road. But, clear of black smoke that abounds at peak traffic hours.

One way the bus and taxi operators can save money is to ensure the engines are properly tuned. An out of tune engine is not efficient as it burns a lot more fuel. Fuel prices will keep on rising and some forcast $200 a barrel before the end of the year.

Maybe the Government could give a break to companies that can prove their vehicles are running clean.

Alternatively, cycle to work. It doesn't use any fuel, doesn't produce any exhaust and it keeps you fit and healthy. I've cycled to work for the past six weeks and the amount I saved could buy me a new bike.

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