Monday, June 9, 2008

The road to Naqali

Sunday morning on the road to Naqali... two girls on the way to church stopped to have their picture taken with our motley crew. Mesake (5th from left) bonked after this pic was taken, no breakfast, no water,.... he couldn't stand up and had to be driven home. He's also been sick and probably hadn't recovered. " The lesson this Sunday is "No fuel, no go"

Rusi was VERY quick..."can I have your bike if you're not going to ride it"?

Lovely ride though, cycling past waterfalls fed by the recent rains (it's rained for nearly three weeks... non stop!), in fact the Naqali bridge was under water last week, though just waking villages, mist in the valleys, parrots screeching in the rainforest. And back for an espresso (or three) at Esquires.

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