Friday, May 16, 2008

Bring The Thing

I don't know who makes The Thing. I do know it's name is The Thing because there a VERY short video of The Thing on YouTube. I think The Thing is great. The Thing pictured is a single speed so you'd probably need a geared The Thing for Fiji.

Every BARA boy and shoeshine boy should be given The Thing. Imagine the mayhem of 100 The Things zooming around Suva. I'm starting a Bring The Thing campaign to rid central Suva of motorised transport (cars, trucks, busses and taxis). Bikes will be permitted, of course. All traffic will have to park at the town boundry and there will be a fleet of The Things at each Suva entry to transport you and yours to town and back with your shopping. We could have a Discovery Channel reality show called "Bling My Thing", sponsored by Tuckers Ice Cream of course.

Who's in for The Thing?

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