Sunday, November 23, 2008

White is the new black.

White shoes, white saddles... even white bicycle chains.

White shoes and a steel bike.. very now!

Wear the right stuff.
Pics: Judy Compain

Fashionista, Rajan, graced the Saturday morning coffee ride and declared "Loved it".  So I thought it fitting to look at the street cred of our Coffee ride group. 

Oakley is a favourite with cyclists. In fact they made their name producing cycle specific sunnies and cycling jerseys (I have 3 or 4 jerseys and half a dozen shades with Os on them). The trend really caught on when Bono (U2) introduced the rest of the world cycling glasses with yellow or orange lenses.... we cyclists had been wearing multi-coloured eye protection for years. 

Rajan and Shirl (top) sport the ultimate cycling fashion iconic names, Oakley and Pearl Izumi, maker of some of the most expensive lycra gear around.

White is the new black in cycling circles and white shoes the "in thing" for cyclists and Sandra and Chris (top) have obviously been keeping up with the trends. Chris looks totally hipster (a cycling hipster is not to be confused with the 40s Hipster sub-culture) with his loose T, baggy shorts and retro steel bike.

White bikes, white bar tape and white saddles have been the discussion in many a bike blog and forum.

White chain????

Some take the white thing WAY too far! How about a white bike with white saddle, white handlebar grips and white (who in their right mind would put this on a bike) chain.

Heres a vid of some more cycling chic. Fixed gear bikes (no gears, no brakes, no freewheel) in London.

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