Monday, September 22, 2008

FAME at last!... ROTFLMFAO

I haven't heard officially but people who were there said this blog was "Highly Commended" at the FAME (Fiji Awards for Media Excellence) Awards on Saturday. I'm not a huge believer in industry awards... but if they're handing them out ... what the heck... and if it promotes cycling it can't be bad.

My thanks to the judges.... you can come and ride with us, free of charge :), any time... whoever you are.

One question though??? The winning BLOG is not a blog! It's social network site for Fiji Soldiers. Sotia Central is "a site dedicated to absolutely everything in regards to Fijians serving in foreign legions. Sotia (meaning Soldier) Central aims to fully capture the essence of army life, army wives, army entertainment, army hook ups, and other fun stuff, that our men and women get up to while serving"

A blog is: A personal diary. A log. A pulpit. A collection of your own private thoughts. Memos to the world. By the way the word blog comes from weB LOG.

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