Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Esquires Crits II at 1 Degree Race Series

P R E S S - R E L E A S E

Under 18s line up for the start of the juniors race a the Esquires Criterium I. Esquires Criteriun II will feature six races and is on from 7am this Sunday at Vuya Road, Veiuto, Suva.

Vuya Road, Veiuto will see the final races in the 1 Degree Cycle race series this Sunday. The Esquires Coffee Houses Criterium II will see six races at one event. One men's and two women's races as well as junior and beginners and an open race. At the end of this series we will add up the points in the Wai Tui Cycles League and competitors will be able to redeem their points for goods at Wai Tui Cycles.

"The Wai Tui Cycles League was the idea of Cycling Fiji Vice President, Yee Wah Sing" said Cycling Fiji President, Dom Sansom "Points are awarded at each race, and you even get points just for finishing. You can use your points for buying parts and accessories, or even a bike, at Wai Tui Cycles. Each point is worth $1 so if you win 50 points you can make purchases at Wai Tui Cycles worth $50"

If you have never been in a bike race and would like to try this is your chance. The Esquires Criterium II races will have a beginners for all ages and genders and juniors races for under 18 years. "It not really competitive" said Mr Sansom " It's more like 'just have a go'. You just need a bike in good working order and if you don't have a helmet we'll lend you one. All you need to do is turn up, entry is free. Contact Dom Sansom on 99 22 123 or dom @cyclingfiji.org

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