Monday, February 4, 2008

I gotta get one of these!

Fat Cyclist Jersey - in Velocity coours

One of my favourite cycling related blogs is The Fat Cyclist and I would have bought one of the famous Fat Cycist jerseys if the weren't PINK. Made by Twin Six, who make some of the best cycling jerseys, along with SWOBO (I actually own a SWOBO jersey - black of course). But now Fatty has produced his 2008 Jersey and its BLACK and ORANGE... see what we've started... Velocity Jerseys have been this colour combination for a couple of years now.

The design features hand painted lettering, sublimated on said to be inspired by painted leather jackets. Very cool! Aparantly they wont be available 'til April... but that gives me time to save my pennies. And being made for the Fat Cyclist they come in XXXL :D

BTW for those of you wondering what the horse (Clydesdale) has do do with anything. Cyclists over 91kg (220lb) are known as Clydesdales... this is an official category... I'm not making it up. So, all you Clydes out there if you want to place a group order just let me know.

SWOBO jersey - in Velocity colours

...and the Velocity Jersey - in Velocity colours

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