Saturday, March 15, 2008


Think you've got a light bike? Have a look at this.

German cyclist, Günter Mai, built himself a bike that weighs about the same as a laptop.

Just about everything was custom made including the Lew wheels at around $ US$15000.

● Frame: SPIN Custom by Marc Siebert (677.5g)
● Fork: THM custom Scapula SP Tuned by Thomas Mertin (214.0g)
● Cranks (incl. BB): THM custom Clavicula by Thomas Mertin (366.7g)
● Headset: custom integrated headset (26.7g)
● Chain: KMC X10SL Silver (214.8g)
● Saddle/seatpost combination: Schmolke seatpost tube w/Speedneedle upper by Jürgen Mikus (the maker of the Tune Speedneedle) (77.0g)
● Cables: PowerCordz Derailleur Cordz (for the derailleurs as well as the brakes) / 4.5mm pneumatic hose for housing (15.6g)
● Brakes: AX-Lightness Orion, modified by Günter Mai (88.6g)
● Front derailleur: Campagnolo Record, customized with carbon parts by Bernhard Langerbein of Bike-Tuning-Parts (28.5g)
● Stem: Nordischer Rahmenbau by Oliver Grest (custom length and angle) 110mm x -8deg (53.8g)
● Bar: Schmolke custom TLO by Stefan Schmolke (111.3g)
● Brake levers: Campagnolo Record, modified by Günter Mai (86.5g)
● Chain rings: small ring carbon 36T, big ring alu 50T modified by Günter Mai (69.2g)
● Rear derailleur: Sachs Huret, customized with carbon parts by Bike-Tuning-Parts (48.3g)
● Skewers: Tune Skyline by Uli Fahl (16.3g)
● Chainring bolts: Tune (9.3g)
● Pedals: Aerolite Titan, tuned by Günter Mai (65.2g)
● Cassette: Recon Alu block 11-16 6speed, 11T sprocket steel - modified by Günter Mai (52.8g)
● Shifting levers: BTP carbon downtube shifters (9.0g)
● Wheels: Lew custom boron by Paul Lew, modified by Günter Mai (704.4g)
● Tires: Tufo Elite 110 (218.0g)
● Seat clamp: BTP carbon 34.9mm by Bernhard Langerbein (6.0g)
● BB cable guide: Campagnolo (2.7g)
● Bar tape: Veloplast (only on the top of the bars) (12.3g)
● Tire glue & air: (20.0g)

● Total:3194.5g

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