Sunday, January 27, 2008

Over the hills and far away...

Ebony and ivory on the Naqali bridge

Over the hills and far away... Well not that far, just to Naqali and back. Sunday morning was just right. Not too hot. A little overcast. No rain. The route has a few rolling hills and a couple of nasty ones. I got half way up the nastiest hill and a little brown Fiji dog came tearing out of the undergrowth at me. I don't usually react to dogs... just give 'em a squirt from the water bottle of they get too close. But this one gave me such a shock that I nearly fell off the bike. I lost all momentum and had to walk up the rest of the hill. To tell you the truth I would have probably ended up walking anyway, but the dog was a good excuse :)

By the time I got to Naqali bridge the rest were on the way back so, I only got one pic. See ebony and ivory above... not a bad pic seeing as it was on the self timer.


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