Friday, January 25, 2008

Your bike pics HERE!

We're setting up a gallery of members (and their family) bikes, Road, MTB, Hybrid, trikes... whatever..) so send me a pic of your ride, with a brief description, and it'll be posted on this site.

There's a prize each month for the best pic... BEST PIC not best bike... 'cos I have all those :P

If you don't have a pic of your bike, any cycling related photo wil do. BUT it must be taken by you!

Here's one to get the ball rolling. It's a Specialized Langster Fixed Gear bike. Only one cog on the back and no gear shifters, 'cos theres no gears... duh! The rear wheel is fixed which means there is no freewheel... can't stop pedaling. It's not easy to ride and it's a REAL bugger going up and DOWN hills but once you get the hanh of it, it's great fun! I've been riding this everyday this week and amazingly my average speed has gone UP. BTW if I don't get any other pics I will claim the prize!!! So, make sure you send thems in. :D

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